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Polymer Raw Materials Suppliers

This section contains a list of brands of polymers, their manufacturers and suppliers with links to their websites with a brief annotation.

Полезные ссылки по поставщикам сырья и технологии переработки пластмасс (Useful links by injection molding technology):

Литье пластмасс под давлением (Plastics injection molding)

Cправочник по литьевым термопластическим материалам (Thermoplastics for injection molding)

    Plastic Injection Molds Making Plastic Blow Molds Making Hereafter listed world-wide manufacturers and suppliers of raw plastic materials. Manufacturer's name Trademark (Brand) Type Website 3M Astrel PAR www.3m.com 3M Panaflex PVC-P www.3m.com 3M ...
      PET injection molds & parts manufacturing PET blow molds manufacturing Here are the trade marks of PET for the production of bottles (bottle grade): Manufacturer Trade marks Logo Photo Notes Belpak JV - Mogilevkhimvolokno JSC , Mogilev, Belarus PET ...

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