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About Plastic Technologies

Plastic Technologies Manufacturing ComplexPlastic Technologies Ltd. is a private owned Belarussian company, specialising in the design, tooling and manufacturing of plastic injection molded products.

Plastic Technologies has been working in the plastic products market for more than 20 years and today we have:
  • own modern industrial building in Minsk with a total area of ​​4600 m2 with a team of highly qualified specialists;
  • high-tech tool production (precise metalworking), providing a full cycle of production of molds, dies and tools: from metal blanks to testing finished products and delivery to customers;
  • batch-oriented production of plastic products under the order of our customers and for our own projects under the PTL brand;
  • warehouse of finished products.

Plastic Technologies Ltd. was founded in 1997 and specializes in equipment and technologies for the production of plastic products, the main ones of which are plastic injection molding, extrusion, blowing and vacuum molding.

The first achievement of our company was the creation, together with the Chinese partners, of the infrastructure for the through design, development and supply to the CIS market of plastic processing equipment provided with technical support and service. For prompt and qualitative satisfaction of our clients' requests, a technical office in Beijing were organized.

The first molds made by Plastic Technologies (PTL archive, year 2002)Since 2001, we have started to develop our own high-tech tool production on leased areas, engaged in the design and manufacture of molds for injection molding, blow molding, extrusion blow molding, thermoforming and punching molds, as well as various tooling. Since then, we have designed and manufactured hundreds of molded and thousands of blown molds for the manufacture of products with their own design, or a design developed by the customer and working optimally both on the equipment offered by us and on equipment of various types that our customers have. A significant part of our equipment and molds is used in the food, cosmetic, pharmacological, electrical, automotive, construction and other industries.

The further development of the company continued on newly erected own arias, with a separate specialization: the production of molds and technological equipment, as well as a new focus area - batch production of plastic products. The new division serves both its own projects and the needs of customers of molds that do not have their own cycle of production of plastic products. In this case, customers on a contract basis provide the molds to the responsible storage and operation, do not bear any costs and risks for the current (including post-warranty) service, pay only for the finished products at a previously agreed price, agree on a schedule for the production and delivery of goods.

We launched our own designs for the manufacture of finished plastic products under the PTL brand. A complete cycle, starting with the idea, design and manufacture of injection molds, to obtain finished plastic products, is carried out by our specialists in the equipment and areas of our company. In our plans for the near future - expanding the range and increasing production volumes, offering consumers new products that have no analogues, or import substituting at more attractive prices and terms of delivery.

We are open for cooperation! Thanks to our many years of practical experience and expertise, we can help you in solving problems and realizing your ideas!


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