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PTL Plastic Multi-layer Pipe Clamps - a Cheaper Alternative to the Metal Pipe Brackets We present our new product, which has no direct analogues on the market: PTL Plastic Multi-level Pipe Clamps . Plastic clamps are designed to be used instead of traditional metal clamps and brackets. The new plastic clamps have fully preserved the functionality of metal analogues and have many additional advantages: they simplify and accelerate the installation of pipelines. The range of pipe diameters, mm: 15 - 65 . PTL Pipe Clamps have a significantly reinforced structure compared to legacy designed plastic clamps. Now it is possible to install pipe clamps on a threaded ... more

We have developed a new product: Plastic Pipe Clip Clamp Fastener PTL Beaver The production of plastic fasteners for pipes under the PTL brand - Beavers has launched. Fasteners are designed taking into account industry standards in construction and take into account the opinions of professional assembly organizations using similar products in their practice. The main difference from other types of products available on the market is the concept of fastening to arbitrary types of surfaces and building structures: concrete, brick, hollow brick, foam concrete (gas silicate), gypsum board, dense plaster layer over the insulation, also metal profiles, ... more

New Product Launched: Plastic Rebar Spacer We have just launched production of the first of our self-designed batch product – plastic rebar spacers under the PTL brand. Plastic PTL rebar spacers are designed to create the predicted concrete cover from 25 to 160 mm and used to facilitate the installation of frames from all types of plain and deformed bars and reinforcement mesh. The idea arose during the construction of its own building when we were faced with the problem of purchasing quality rebar spacers for reinforcing the concrete floor of our production facilities. The idea of how to make the spacer ... more

The construction of the new Plastic Technologies manufacturing complex is completed In May 2017, put into operation a new production building in Minsk. Modern complex of own design consists of high-tech tool room for precise metalworking, workshop for serial production of plastic products and warehouse of finished products as well as office building. Now the entire team and equipment of Plastic Technologies have moved to the new address: 8A Babushkina St., Minsk, Belarus. See the new contacts and the map . ... more

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