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New Product Launched: Plastic Rebar Spacer

New Product Launched: Plastic Rebar Spacer We have just launched production of the first of our self-designed batch product – plastic rebar spacers under the PTL brand.

Plastic PTL rebar spacers are designed to create the predicted concrete cover from 25 to 160 mm and used to facilitate the installation of frames from all types of plain and deformed bars and reinforcement mesh.

The idea arose during the construction of its own building when we were faced with the problem of purchasing quality rebar spacers for reinforcing the concrete floor of our production facilities. The idea of how to make the spacer convenient for use and at the same time simple and universal we were able to implement. Our constructors have designed injection molds for the manufacture of 3 types of spacers: for installation on a hard base as formwork with small support area; for installation on compacted crushed stone or gravel surface with a standard support area; for installation on compacted sand surface with increased support area.

The first trial products were tested and then we made some enhancements of the injection molds.
Our products withstand a high load of more than 150 kg and save time for the reinforcement work due to the presence of special petals, by means of which spacers can be snapped on the bars in a convenient position for the installer before it is mounted on the base.

The first lots of manufactured Rebar Spacers are available for sale at promotional prices. For additional iinfo and prices please send your requests to our PTL rebar spacer team: ">.

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