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Plastic Mold Making

We design and manufacture injection molds and mold parts of any complexity for:
- injection molding;
- extrusion blow molding of PE/PP bottles, flasks, jars, jerry cans and so on;
- stretch-blow molding of PET containers as bottles, flasks, jars, large kegs for beer, etc.

Throughout the process, Plastic Technologies offer full technical support and assist in design, development and manufacturing of products. We provide warranty and post-warranty service.

Mold for blowing bottles. Photo by PTL STUDIO (c) Injection press mold parts. Photo by PTL STUDIO (c) Plastic Technologies Injection Molding Tool Room

© PTL See also more photos by PTL STUDIO ©.

Typical stages of mold making

design of plastic products, considering:
- appearance, style, consumer traditions, recognizability and associations, ergonomics, elaboration of the proposed (immediately or subsequently) assortment series;
- functional purpose (general requirements of end users, producers of the final product on its basis, logistics, trade organizations, supervisory and certification bodies, etc.);
- economic indicators (weight, material / raw material for the manufacture of plastic products, production cycles, production costs);
- technical requirements (mechanical, chemical, electrical, for example, for electrical products, environmental, sanitary, as well as the requirements of operational reliability, the requirements of industry standards and safety regulations for use, consumer protection, etc.);
- technological requirements (considering the manufacturability of the product and packaging);
- certification requirements (marking, conventional signs, etc. in accordance with existing requirements and regulations);
- other requirements and aspects.
Our skilled specialists will prompt the customer how to correctly formulate the terms of reference that take into account all aspects of production, micrologistics, certification and use (human consumption) of the final product.

development of technical documentation for mold making, considering:
- adaptation to certain types of machinery of product manufacturing;
- selection of the nomenclature of blank materials: alloy metals (as magnesium aluminum, beryllium bronze, brass, etc.), steels; workout requirements for their hardness (hardening), finishing of surfaces (polishing, application of shagreen, coatings), ready-bought component parts;
- performance (number of cavities, production cycles), determination of the appropriateness of applying this or that designing approach, taking into consideration the planned production program for the output (single, small, medium large, mass batches up to 109 units);
- the planned cost of the product manufacturing;
- reliability and durability of mold use, modularity, maintainability (based on the planned production program for serial production and budget), etc., directly affects on the final cost of the mold;
- the possibility of further improvements and modifications (the requirements of consumers of the final product within product's life cycle), not requiring to attract high costs;
- the possibility of using replacement elements (subparts) for the output of an assortment of products on one mold;
- other key aspects.

manufacturing of the mold on high-tech metalworking equipment according to an mutually agreed schedule. For more information please refer to our metal processing shop facilities overview list;

issue part's prototypes, making measurements, testing, approvals with the customer;

carrying out revisions and updates on the comments received;

issue of a trial lot of final products for the evaluation by consumers ;

making final adjustments.

For customers who do not want to be involved to own molding business, we offer plastic injection molding services on our plastic processing machinery in Minsk. Accepting it, our clients do not have any headache for the current and post-warranty maintenance (current inspection, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, replacement of quick worn parts), just pay only for readymade products previously agreed by price, calendar plan of production and shipment.

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