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Samples of plastic products molded with injection molds and dies made by Plastic Technologies

Some samples of one- and two-component caps for bottles, preforms for bottles and cans, automotive components, household products, toys, etc. produced with injection molds and tooling designed and manufactured by Plastic Technologies.

One- and two-component caps for bottles and jars

Preforms for blowing bottles

Preforms for blowing jars

Products for different purposes

Automotive components

Covers of car shock absorbers

Oil canister

Mud Flaps

Frames for car numbers

Disposable cutlery





Case products

Passenger Reader Body

Mounting cassette

Cable box

Power meter body

Body of control system for drip irrigation system

Housing for dental floss





Building products

Sidewalk tile

Sidewalk bricks

Plinth corner made of foamed PVC and Bracket for fixing plinth to the wall

Vacuum forming molds

If you are interested in samples of plastic products molded with injection molds and dies made by plastic technologies , you may:

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