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Practical Application of PTL Rebar Spacers

Advantages of new design of PTL rebar spacers

  • Has special snap petals allowing the product to be fixed on the bars;
  • Essentially safe your efforts and cost for reinforced concrete construction works;
  • Qualified for multi-layer rebar constructions;
  • Bears high load.

Reinforcement diagrams and rebar quantity calculation

The sequence of reinforcement with PTL rebar spacers differs from that of many other manufacturers. The design features of PTL spacers significantly simplifies the reinforcement process, save time and labor, improve the quality of the work.

Step 1 - 4: reinforcement of the first layer

Quantity calculation:
Area: 36 m2 (for the fragment of 6 х 6 m is shown) - 120 pcs (3,3 pcs / m2)

Step 5A, 5B: reinforcement of the second layer

Quantity calculation:
Area: 36 m2 (a fragment of 6 x 6 m is shown) - 2 x 120 = 240 pcs (6.6 pcs / m2 using tandem option);
Using "stack" option: the number of rebar spacers depends on the height of the top layer.
2-layer construction using PTL rebar spacers with TWIN option


Download PTL Rebar Spacers Brochure

If you are interested in practical application of ptl rebar spacers , you may:


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