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Plastic Pipe Clip Clamp Fastener PTL Beaver

Plastic Pipe Clip Clamp Fastener PTL Beaver  Plastic clamps PTL Beaver are designed for fastening plastic, metal-plastic, metal pipes and hoses to building structures and any surfaces made of metal, wood, concrete, foam concrete, bricks, etc.
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PTL clamps are designed and manufactured by our company from primary materials, taking into account a number of rules and regulations in force in the construction industry. Products have a new design, resistant to mechanical loads, hammers, designed for operation over a wide range of temperatures, taking into account the operating conditions of pipelines for hot water and heating purposes. Ergonomics requirements are laid in the design: the wide base covers the uneven edges of the wall hole for the dowel, the rear heel of the support is made with a slope to increase the support base.

PTL clamps can be used to fixing pipes of nominal diameters and it is possible to fasten pipes with an upper foil layer (so-called "stable pipes"), as well as other pipes and hoses with an increased outer diameter of up to 2 mm more than nominal.

The products are supplied in all basic colors of the pipelines: white, light gray, gray, green, orange, beige, black, etc. Upon request, the products can be produced in any other colors.

Products can be supplied as a complete set with various fasteners, or separately. The consumer has the opportunity to independently determine the way of fixing pipelines to the surfaces, because there is no universal method for reliable fastening of pipelines to all surfaces.


Clamping Diameter, mmDd1B1B2H
16 (18)17,96,127,23013,5
20 (22)21,96,133,53615
25 (27)26,96,1394316
32 (34)33,96,146,551,517
40 (42)41,98,1555817,5
50 (52)51,98,163,56818,5
63 (65)64,98,1808319,5

Methods of attachment to structures of various materials


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