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Plastic Multi-level Pipe Clamps PTL - an Alternative to Metal Brackets, Pipe Hangers, Tube Supports

PTL Plastic Pipe Clamps can be used instead of traditional metal brackets, steel pipe hangers, various tube supports for installation of plastic or metal pipes and hoses on threaded rods or (and) screws. PTL Plastic Clamps can be installed closely or at the required distance from a wall (ceiling), metal frame and other supporting structures using appropriate fasteners (hardware) as threaded rods, nuts, screw bolts, washers, anchors/plugs, etc.

PTL Plastic Pipe Clamps are designed and manufactured by our company based on Technical Requirements BY 101375508.003-2018 from primary plastic materials, taking into consideration a variety of rules and regulations in the construction industry.
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Download PTL Pipe Clamps Brochure
The new Pipe Clamps have fully preserved the functionality of metal analogues, and added some new advantages:
  1. Tensile strength exceeds of the majority of metal clamps. A typical pipe holding force is at least 300 kg (500 kg with optional fixing lugs);
  2. The possibility to mount a pair of pipes per one PTL clamp;
  3. Multi-level installation: stacking PTL Clamps closely or sparsely (for example, to use thick insulation) on just one threaded rod (M6, M8, M10, M12);
  4. Pipeline vibrations absorption;
  5. Free sliding of the pipe through the support point to prevent pipe deformation (bending, sagging) due to the longitudinal thermal expansion of the pipe;
  6. The pipe slope set at ones for the pilot pipe will applied automatically for other pipes in the pipeline group (see: demonstration of pipe installation with photos);
  7. Essentially faster installation and adjustment;
  8. Simple removing or adding additional pipes to the pipeline;
  9. Ease of maintenance, repairing and pipe replacement in the pipeline;
  10. No corrosion;
  11. Ergonomic appearance, different colors available: white, gray, black, red, blue, green, orange, red, silver, gold, etc. due to pipe/pipe insulation/interior colors;
  12. Heat insulated (thermally insulated) clamps:

    Significantly accelerated installation works on thermal insulation of pipelines, because there is no time spent on additional insulation of fixing points. Vapor barrier improvement (if it necessary) in places of pipe mounts is also greatly simplified.
  13. Lower price in compare to metal clamps.


Plastic Multi-level Pipe Clamps PTL are available in single-pipe and double-pipe versions.

Supported pipes with a diameter, mm:

- 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 27 (size range No. 1);
- 32, 34, 40, 42 (size range No. 2);
- 50, 52, 63, 65 (size range No. 3).

Optionally may have additional fixing lug for heating pipes.

Single-pipe PTL Pipe Clamp (w/ lug and w/o lug) Double-pipe PTL Pipe Clamp (w/ lug and w/o lug)

Suitable for the installation of the following types of pipes and hoses:

- polypropylene pipes (PP-R, PP-RCT), for hot and cold water
- polyethylene pipes for cold water (PE80, PE100, HDPE, MDPE, PE-HD, PE-MD)
- PE-RT polyethylene pipes for hot water
- polypropylene stable pipes for heating (wrapped with aluminum foil Ø+2 mm)
- metal pipes for hot and cold water, heating
- polypropylene sewer pipes
- steel pipes
- PE-RT, PEX, PEX + EVOH pipes for floor heating
- copper plumbing pipes
- hoses
- hoses with spiral winding PVC, PU
- PP, PVC, PA corrugated pipes
- metal corrugated hose (wiring shell)

See a detailed list of pipe types and sizes compatible with PTL clamps, as well as recommended hardware products for assembly and installation.

Modifications, applications


If you are interested in plastic multi-level pipe clamps ptl - an alternative to metal brackets, pipe hangers, tube supports , you may:


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