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Demo: Installation of Sloped Self-drainage Pipes using Multi-level PTL Pipe Clamps (photo guide)

Step by step demonstration: this is one of the ways of pipeline installation using PTL Multi-level Pipe Clamps.

Making installation of a group of pipes with a slope on the threaded rods using double-pipe and single-pipe PTL Clamps on our showroom:

1. Mount brackets of any suitable design. The distance between the brackets (= pipe supports) in this example is 0.5m just for ease of % slope calculation (the right distance range is recommended by pipe manufacturers or Building Regulations for each pipe type, diameter and temperature of pipe operation). For example maximum distances of supports of pipeline recommended by Wavin Ekoplastic can be found in the technical and installation manual.

2. On the brackets we install the threaded rods vertically in two rows (in this demo only outer row will be used):

3. Using the beam of the laser level tool (you can see the horizontal red line on the photo), we make marks on the rods using any available material on your choice (we used plastic ties):

4. On the first plastic tie, we tighten the nut to the level of the mark, then, according the necessary slope, the nut should be screwed slightly lower on each subsequent bracket. In our example, we make a slope of 1% (1 cm by 1 meter), respectively, on each subsequent bracket (0.5 m), lower the nut 0.5 cm below the previous one.

5. Putting PTL Pipe Clamps on the rod. Use single-pipe or double-pipe type clamps for the required diameter of pipes, in any desired combination. Lock clamps with a nut without tighten, for the possibility of easy pipe installation.

6. Put pipes into our plastic clamps. Tightly fix clamps with the bottom nut at the end.

As a result we have obtain a robust and reliable pipeline system with an accurate and stable slope specified once and automatically maintained for all pipes in the group. This system is easy to maintain: single pipe can be replaced quickly and easily, and additional pipes can be added to the pipeline.

Usage of thermal insulated clamps:

An example of insulation (an insulating tube is cut into sections 2-3% longer than the distance between the clamps to ensure better fit of the tubes to the clamps due to the self elasticity to avoid gaps that can make worse pipeline's thermal insulating and vapour barrier properties):

Creation of improved vapour barrier of pipeline (cold media):

You can always see and try it yourself in our showroom. Please welcome to Plastic Technologies Plant at Minsk,Babushkina St., 8A.

If you are interested in demo: installation of sloped self-drainage pipes using multi-level ptl pipe clamps (photo guide) , you may:


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